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Honesty and Vulnerability the Key to Intimacy

One of the main factors of having and keeping a good relationship is being able to trust, and have good communication. In order for others to trust us, we have to be able to become vulnerable, and show our vulnerability. Honesty and vulnerability go hand in hand. You cannot be totally, and genuinely truthful with another, without opening up fully to them.[...]

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

We are conceived through a connection, of the deepest kind, between a man and a woman, and from the moment that we are conceived, we are connected to our Mother in her womb. When that physical connection we began with is separated at birth, we spend our lives desiring to be connected again. How we go about, and how well we succeed, at re-creating that connection…becomes the story of our lives.[...]

"Puppet On A String" Who Is Controlling Your Strings?

I was raised in a family of givers, and caretakers, and the old fashion way, where the women wait on the men, and take care of the home, but in the world of relationships, that tenancy and upbringing, if taken too far, can get me into a whole lot of trouble with men, and ultimately be the downfall of any relationship. There is a fine line between caring for someone and allowing yourself to be a “puppet on a string”. When you spend all of your time trying to please another person, at your own expense; they will see you as weak, possessive and clingy.[...]

Have You Seen My Rose Colored Glasses?"

I was reading an article by Zara Stevens, and it hit on something that has been on my mind a lot these past few years. "You no longer make me happy anymore." I heard this statement a lot at the end of my last relationship; that had started out with the most profound happiness that I could ever imagine. Both of us were filled with dreams that we were working to create together, along with supporting each other's individual dreams. But then there came that "crack", as Zara put it. I think that so many times part of the problem lies in the fact; that we meet someone, and they begin to bring so very much happiness into our lives, that each of you creates this perfect picture in your mind, about what a wonderful,[...]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To Say "I Love You" In Any Language

afrikaans : Ek het jou liefe
afrikaans : Ek is lief vir jou
alsacien : Ich hoan dich gear
amharic : Afekrishalehou
arabic : Ana Behibak (to a male)
arabic : Ana Behibek (to a female)
arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKI (to a female)
arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKA (to a male)
arabic : Ib’n hebbak.
arabic : Ana Ba-heb-bak
arabic : nhebuk
azerbaijani: Men seni sevirem; Seni sevirem
bari ( A Sudanese Language) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
basc : Nere Maitea
batak : Holong rohangku di ho
bavarian : I mog di narrisch gern
bengali : Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi
bengali : Ami tomake bhalobashi.
berber : Lakh tirikh
bicol : Namumutan ta ka
bulgarian : Obicham te
cambodian : Bon sro lanh oon
cambodian : kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
canadian French : Sh’teme (spoken, sounds like this)
cantonese : Ngo oi ney
catalan : T’estim (mallorcan)
catalan : T’estim molt (I love you a lot)
catalan : T’estime (valencian)
catalan : T’estimo (catalonian)
chinese : Wo ie ni
croatian : LJUBim te
czech : miluji te
czech : MILUJU TE! (colloquial form)
danish : Jeg elsker dig
dutch : Ik houd van jou
english : I Love You
esperanto : Mi amas vin
estonian : Mina armastan sind
estonian : Ma armastan sind
farsi : Tora dust midaram
farsi : Asheghetam
farsi (Persian) : doostat dAram
filipino : Mahal ka ta
filipino : Iniibig Kita
finnish : Mina” rakastan sinua
flemish : Ik zie oe geerne
french : Je t’aime
friesian : Ik hou fan dei (sp?)
gaelic : Tha gradh agam ort
georgia : Shen me mikvarhar
german : Ich liebe Dich
greek : S’ ayapo
greek : (Ego) philo su (ego is only needed for emphasis)
gujrati : Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon.
hausa : Ina sonki
hebrew : Ani ohev otach (male to female)
hebrew : Ani ohev otcha (male to male)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otach (female to female)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otcha (female to male)
hindi : Mae tumko pyar kia
hindi : My tumko pyar karta hu
hindi : Main tumse pyar karta hoon.
hindi : Ham Tomche Payer Kortahe
hindi : Mai tumse peyar karta hnu.
hindi(Kannada) : Naanu ninnannu premisuththene
hokkien : Wa ai lu
hopi : Nu’ umi unangwa’ta
hungarian : Szeretlek “yes, peter it’s great :)”
hungarian : Szeretlek te’ged
icelandic : M-Ig elska M-~ig
icelandic : Eg elska thig
indi : Mai tujhe pyaar kartha hoo
indonesian : Saja kasih saudari
indonesian : Saya Cinta Kamu
indonesian : Saya cinta padamu
indonesian : Aku cinta padamu
irish : taim i’ ngra leat
italian : ti amo (if it’s a relationship/lover/spouse)
italian : ti voglio bene (if it’s a friend, or relative)
japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru
japanese : Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu
javanese : Kulo tresno
kiswahili : Nakupenda
klingon : qabang
klingon : qaparHa’ (depends from where you are in the galaxy)
korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo
korean : Nanun tongshinun sarang hamnida
kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem (?)
lao : Khoi huk chau
latin : Te amo
latin : Vos amo
latin : (Ego) amo te (ego, for emphasis)
latvian : Es tevi Mlu (s teh-vih me-lu)
lingala : Nalingi yo
lithuanian : TAVE MYLIU ( ta-ve mee-lyu )
luo : Aheri
madrid lingo : Me molas, tronca
malay : Saya cintamu
malay : Saya sayangmu
malay/Indonesian : Aku sayang enkow
malay/Indonesian : Sayah Chantikan Awah
mandarin : Wo ai ni
mohawk : Konoronhkwa
navaho : Ayor anosh’ni
ndebele : Niyakutanda
nepali : Ma timilai maya garchu, Ma timilai man parauchu
norwegian : Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) (pronounced: yai elske dai)
osetian : Aez dae warzyn
pakistani : Muje se mu habbat hai
persian : Tora dost daram
philippines: mahal kita or iniibig kita
polish : Kocham Cie
polish : Ja cie kocham
portuguese : Eu te amo
romanian : Te iu besc
russian : Ya vas lyublyu
russian (malincaya) : Ya Tibieh Lublue.
russian : Y’a liou-bliou tibya
russian : Ya vac loobyoo
russian : Ya tebya loobyoo
russian : Ya l’ubl’u t’ebya
russian : Ju ljublju tebja!
russian : LJUBLJU TEBJA!
russian : ya lyublyu tebya
russian : Ya polubeel s’tebya.
russian : ya tebya ljublju
scot Gaelic : Tha gra\dh agam ort (ascii prob here?help! )
serbian : LUBim te.
serbocroatian : volim te
shona : Ndinokuda
sinhalese : Mama oyata adarei
sioux : Techihhila
slovak : lubim ta
slovene : ljubim te
spanish : Te quiero (I realy-realy care for you)
spanish : Te Amo (I love you)
srilankan : Mama Oyata Arderyi
sudanese ( Bari ) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
swahili : Naku penda (followed by the person’s name)
swedish : Jag älskar Dig
swiss-German : Ch’ha di ga”rn
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBEK (to a female)
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBAK (to a male)
tagalog : Mahal kita
tamil : Naan unni kathilikaran.
tamil : Ni yaanai kaadli karen.
tcheque : MILUJI TE^
telugu : Neenu ninnu pra’mistu’nnanu
telugu/india : Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu
thai : Ch’an Rak Khun
thai : Phom Rak Khun
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreki iye (to a female)
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreka iye (to a male)
tunisian : Ha eh bak
turkish : Seni seviyorum
urdu : Mujge tumae mahabbat hai
uzbek : Man seni sevaman
vietnamese : Em ye^u anh (woman to man)
vietnamese : Toi yeu em
vietnamese : Anh ye^u em (man to woman)
vlaams : Ik hue van ye
welsh : ‘Rwy’n dy garu di.
welsh : Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)
yiddish : Ich libe dich
yiddish : Ich han dich lib
yugoslavian : Ya te volim
zazi : Ezhele hezdege (sp?)
zuni : Tom ho’ ichema

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now.. this is pretty cool, how did you find out sundanese and javanese language anyway? that's my country's tribe language (^_^)

if you seen my name (my username) you must've known the meaning too i suppose... ~Kulo Tresno~

Trisna's last blog post..Better Tips to Get Rid Off Insomnia

Həsənəlizadə Ramin said...

Hi! Azerbaijani: Men seni sevirem; Seni sevirem.

multiply themes said...

wow, nice listing.. here in our country, Philippines.. we say it, "mahal kita" or "iniibig kita" :)

searchingwithin said...

Thank you all for your comments. I have added the additional countries to the list.

Once again, thank you.

~Best Wishes~

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