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Honesty and Vulnerability the Key to Intimacy

One of the main factors of having and keeping a good relationship is being able to trust, and have good communication. In order for others to trust us, we have to be able to become vulnerable, and show our vulnerability. Honesty and vulnerability go hand in hand. You cannot be totally, and genuinely truthful with another, without opening up fully to them.[...]

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

We are conceived through a connection, of the deepest kind, between a man and a woman, and from the moment that we are conceived, we are connected to our Mother in her womb. When that physical connection we began with is separated at birth, we spend our lives desiring to be connected again. How we go about, and how well we succeed, at re-creating that connection…becomes the story of our lives.[...]

"Puppet On A String" Who Is Controlling Your Strings?

I was raised in a family of givers, and caretakers, and the old fashion way, where the women wait on the men, and take care of the home, but in the world of relationships, that tenancy and upbringing, if taken too far, can get me into a whole lot of trouble with men, and ultimately be the downfall of any relationship. There is a fine line between caring for someone and allowing yourself to be a “puppet on a string”. When you spend all of your time trying to please another person, at your own expense; they will see you as weak, possessive and clingy.[...]

Have You Seen My Rose Colored Glasses?"

I was reading an article by Zara Stevens, and it hit on something that has been on my mind a lot these past few years. "You no longer make me happy anymore." I heard this statement a lot at the end of my last relationship; that had started out with the most profound happiness that I could ever imagine. Both of us were filled with dreams that we were working to create together, along with supporting each other's individual dreams. But then there came that "crack", as Zara put it. I think that so many times part of the problem lies in the fact; that we meet someone, and they begin to bring so very much happiness into our lives, that each of you creates this perfect picture in your mind, about what a wonderful,[...]

Friday, November 14, 2008

You Hold My Glass Slipper

A Letter to My Bestfriend,

From the time I was a little girl I have always wanted the same thing as what I am looking for now.

I have always wanted a home and a family. Not bunches of children running around necessarily, but the love that I believed made up a family, and all it took was TWO. It could be more, but the TWO was the main ingredient.

THE TWO. The team…the undeniable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, TWO…A man and A woman. The man and A woman, the team, that no man or woman could ever come between. A man and A woman, the team, that would always work together to find the solution to all the problems that crop up. A man and A woman, the team, that would always be there for the other when they fall to extend a helping hand, or just be there to console the other. A man and A woman, the team, that would always be there for each other, to help the other succeed, and be the best that they can be.

Ever since I can remember, remembering…that is what I have always searched endlessly for.

When I finally thought I had met someone that wanted to be part of the TEAM, I had lived my life compensating, giving up my soul, attempting to find all the peace and the things I longed for within myself, but there was always a missing piece, a hunger I could not fill alone.

When I met you, you pulled out my emotions. Emotions that I had spend my life learning and perfecting at holding at bay… emotions that brewed within me, and were aching to come out. YOU caused me to feel. YOU brought them out of me. The dam that held them at bay all those years exploded.

It scared me to death, it brought out feelings I had forgotten how to feel, and some I had never felt. It overwhelmed me, they controlled me, I could not seem to control them. I cannot begin to explain. But somehow, deep inside, I believe you understand what I am saying. You too have hidden. You too felt what I felt. I know you did. I saw it. I felt it.

It scared you as much as it scared me. I am not the only one who was so frightened that they ran. Ran to whatever felt more recognizable, no matter how destructive that was. Somehow the destruction felt more familiar than the love, home and the team I longed for all my life, but always had somehow evaded me…until you came into my life.

I have searched for you all my life. and like Cinderella, the shoe fit. Like Sleeping Beauty, a part of me that I thought had gone to sleep, but more accurately had died, came awake! I cannot so easily let it fall back to sleep, or die.

Several men, since then have offered me their glass slipper, and some have even so much as begged, tried to buy, argue and insisted, but even though they have made me feel desirable, somehow the slipper they offer does not fit.

You hold my glass slipper.

You are more than my friend, you are my bestfriend!

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