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Monday, August 25, 2008

Aw, The Sweet Smell of Revenge

We all have been there; a good love gone bad. More times than not, when a relationship ends, there are hard feelings on one, or both sides; at least before forgiveness takes place.

Some people are just hell bent on hurting other people because they are so miserable themselves. They don’t need any particular reason, and if they don’t have one, they look for something. Sometimes you come across people that thrive on drama. They too, will go hunting for it, if they are currently in short supply.

All I can do is shake my head when I come across, or over hear someone discussing their past, current, and future plats for revenge. They somehow always appear to by quite proud of the things that they have been doing. "I showed them, by golly!"

Well today I wanted to tickle your funny bones with some revenge drama. When good love goes bad.

Trolling along the internet today I stumbled head first onto “The Payback.com”, “Payback at its Best”. On their Product List they have:
• Anonymous Emails
• Anonymous Letters
• Bumper Stickers
• Dead Fish and Flowers
• Drive People Crazy
• Fake Bullet Holes
• Fake Parking Tickets
• Gag Award Certificates
• Gag Gift Certificates
• Gag Lottery Tickets
• Magnetic Bumper Signs
• Oldie But Goodies
• Prank Post Cards
• Prank Envelopes
• Rude Lottery Tickets

"Don’t get mad, get even.” And you are encouraged to help people with these problems:
• Bad Breath
• Body Odor
• Annoying Behavior
• Mean Boss
• Annoying Co-Worker
• Always Late
• Dandruff
• Flatulence (farting)
• Drinking Problem
• Back Stabbers
• Bad Sex
• Jilted Lover (woman)
• Jilted Lover (man)

Well, now I’m having fun, so I start hunting to see what I can come up with. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I went hunting for trouble to begin with, just to see what crazy stuff I could come up with for a new week.

Anyway, after leaving Payback.com, I ran across Revenge Lady. There is even a link to “Recommend This Site to a Friend” (if you have any). There is also a revenge quiz for your amusement pleasure, and Revenge Rules to follow. One of which is,

“Revenge is healthy. Don't listen to those mealymouths who tell you otherwise. You're teaching people to behave better. At the same time you're getting icky poisonous feelings out of your system once and for all. What could be healthier?”
Plus a whole lot more.

If putting a hex on someone is up your alley, you can put a voodoo spell on your cheating lover.

Or you could click on over to Expose Liars, Cheats and Bastards.

And when you have exhausted yourself, and do not have any friends left, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and go to Betrayed Spouse 101, and listen to some sense.

Here are a couple of videos that I found for your amusement and watching pleasure.

#1 Betrayed Wife Gets Even (quite hilarious)

#2 Boyfriend Breaks Up With Girlfriend in front of hundreds on "Valentines Day"

DISCLAIMER: Please everyone, don't try this at home. They have been preformed by trained idiots.

Seriously, revenge is not sweet. It only feeds an obsession, and continues your pain, causing it to grow. One day you will wake up and hopefully realize what you have done, and stop blaming. The problem is, now you have more things to forgive yourself for. Not to mention, that you will loose your friends one by one, if you act this way.

There is nothing good that can come from it.

When you behave with dignity and integrity, and work on making yourself the best that you can be. That my friend is the sweetest revenge!

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8 Love note(s):

:-) said...

A friend once told me that revenge is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. I have noticed myself in fights with friends, when I will change my status message to get one last dig in. I noticed the more I did that, the more upset I would get. And I could feel the negative energy vibe. I finally had to block, and remove this person off my list. Not because of her, but because of me. Great post!


well, this made me think...I should buy my wife some flowers before my toothbrush gets used for something less then it was designed. ;-)

searchingwithin said...

Thank you Kimmy and Michael for stopping by and for leaving your hand-print behind.

Kimmy, We all have been there. And we all have said and done things in the heat of the moment, that we later wish we could take back.

Some, unfortunately, are hell bent on taking things much further than that when they have been hurt, scorned, or betrayed. I myself, have been known to think of all the dirty little deeds I would like to carry out against a few. I never, ever plan to carry them out, but sometimes that thought does have a way of creeping in there. Your right, that is when it becomes apparent, that a step or two, or more backwards is the best thing to do.

Michael, better keep a good eye on that toothbrush, if you have forgotten an important date.
You neevverr knooow!

G8rBryan said...

I had an ex g/f that enjoyed getting the last "dig in", then another & another. It's sad so many people are hellbent on doing that to someone. People that go out of their way to try and make another miserable will never be happy internally.

searchingwithin said...

Revenge is a desperate attempt at getting noticed and receiving recognition. Just like a child who will misbehave to get attention; they would rather have bad attention, than no attention at all. Unfortunately, grown-ups also resort to this type of thing, only on a much larger scale!

When you retaliate, or let them know that they have gotten to you in any way, they have just ackowledgement that they were seeking. If something works...why fix it? So they continue on and on. If you don't acknowledge them in any way, then eventually they become bored with their none working tackiness, in search of someone who is willing to play along.

In the mean time, revenge turns your mind and insides black!

Renee said...

This is such bad Karma...I understand that turning the other cheek is not always easy but what you put out there in life always come back to you.

Elly said...

I thought of revenge when I was younger and broke up with my then bf. Then I decided that it's not worth the effort, went for vacation, then met my real love, got married, gave birth to our son and lived happily. I think it's the best revenge after all:)


Man, if I had followed up on some of the mean things that had been done to me, I would be in so much trouble! My conscience would kill me! Well, would have killed me shall we say.

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