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Monday, November 24, 2008

My Take On The "Confessions of a Former Mistress"

I read an article this morning that left me both angry and stupefied that this woman, that is nearly sixty year old, could apparently be so blind…and proud of it.

The article titled, “Confessions of a Former Mistress”, was written by a woman that spent sixteen years in an affair with a rich doctor. What angered me about it was, that it really wasn’t a confession at all, but more bragging about how she had used the man to pay her way through school, got her a new car every couple of years, clothes, shoes, and even though the relationship ended twenty-one years ago, a $100,000 life insurance policy on his life, that she owns, and appears to be counting the hours until she can cash in on.

She carried on about how “wifey” (her word, not mine) knew about it, and she had even been invited to their home on several occasions. Bragged about how once she and Doc had sex on the beach, while his wife cooked flan inside. She carried on about how, even though the wife knew, she didn’t care, as long as she got to live in her fancy-dancy house, Mercedes, kids in a private school, etc., as if she had any idea how the wife felt, or what was important to her. This woman was, and apparently still is, too wrapped up in herself, to know anything of importance about anyone.

She even listed the article under the “Advice” section of the Online magazine, where I read the article, topping the article off with her advise…if you are going to be a mistress. She even requested that no one tell her third and current husband, who is twenty-four years her junior; that she was fondly reminiscing about her affair.

I was stupefied because this woman at one point referred to how she and her lover had fallen in love. Paalease! As part of her advice, she states that you should realize that this is only an affair, and will never be anything else, wondering why would any woman would want to be with a man who would cheat, and the old adage, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. I’m sorry lady, but you are just as much of a cheat as he is. Just because you were single at the time, does not mean you were not cheating. Also, I can not understand how a woman that has an affair with a man, for sixteen years, no less, while he is funding her, can consider herself any better than the woman on the street that accepts money for sex. Where is the difference, I find myself asking. But then again, I guess even the woman on the street that finds a man who wants to put her up, would consider herself as having received a promotion.

Okay, so my “Bad Twin”, has reared her ugly head again. I even left a comment, which was of course deleted, that she was no more than a no class, over-paid whore, and referred to her cherished affair, as a dead-end job. I proceeded to tell her that she had commitment issues, just to name one, judging from the affair, three marriages, and currently in one where her husband can not possibly be more than a child, mommy relationship, and I’m really not sure which one is more of a child. That if she ever found the time to take a deep look into her own eyes within her soul that I really didn’t believe she would like what she saw there.

I guess my "Bad Twin", may have gotten a tad bit carried away. We really shouldn't judge and I try to steer clear of being that way, especially knowing the mistakes I have made in my life, however...I am human.

What are your thoughts?

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3 Love note(s):

online casinos said...

I was really appalled upon reading this post. It's also not right to judge but reading the post made me think that there's really a very big reason, maybe in the woman's personality that made her do such things. Nice blog by the way!

searchingwithin said...

That is quite okay that you are appalled upon reading this article. I was appalled upon reading hers.

As far as this woman having reasons, possibly in her personality that made her do such things, that is putting it mildly. Nor does she have any desire to work on herself, and those things.

You are absolutely right about not judging others, and as I stated, I try my best from steering clear of doing just that. He who has not made his own mistakes in life, cast the first stone. I myself have made many! I will continue to make many more before I am laid to rest.

However, anyone who BRAGS to me about something that I feel strongly about, is going to get my opinion on the matter. Namely using people. Neither can I deal well with liars, thieves or cheats, all of which I view her as being.

But then again, this was the perfect article for you to leave your Online Casino AD...now wasn't it?

BK said...

I have only one thing to say, "how can one be so disgusting and yet sound so 'upright' about the thing he/she done?" Sometimes it is a bit sad to read about such things happening but then I remind myself that somewhere out there, there will be good things happening too.

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