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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Am Woman Hear Me Purrr!

feminineFeminism has brought many great things to women over the years, but like many great things, there always seems to be a price to pay... those annoying drawbacks. In the case of feminism, one of the drawbacks I perceive, and which hits home the most for me, is so many of us women have forgotten what it means to be feminine. The roles that men and women have played throughout evolution have changed so drastically, while it may not necessarily be a bad thing, in many ways, it leaves so many not knowing what their role is, as far as romantic relationships go.

Women are now constantly proclaiming that they can do anything a man can do, and many of them have come to the conclusion that they don't need a man to be whole, and are quite content living the life of a spinster with their three cats, and a dog. While I do not argue that women should be happy with who they are, and be able, and content to be responsible for their own happiness, as everyone should, I believe that both men and women need each other, and to believe anything else is denial.

I read other relationship blogs everyday, for inspiration, insight, learning, and I see the question time and time again, "What do men want", and visa-versa. While every person it different, and we all have our individual needs that are important to us, there are some things that have been taken away from men through the rising of women to power. So much of of a man's
power has been snatched away from them, leaving them clueless as to their worth in the relationship world.

So what do men want...

First of all, they want us to be what we are, women. They want us to love, and relish being a woman. To be secure in being a woman, and embrace our femininity with them. We can rise to the top of the business world, but when we come home and take off that executive suit, or hardhat, he wants you to be what you are, a woman, and one of the biggest parts of being a women, is being feminine.

Men want, and need to be needed by women. They want to know that you can't do everything that a man can do, or do it all better, and
allow them to do it for you. They need for us to be woman enough to be receptive to what they would give us...if we would let them. We aren't in competition with men. Really, we aren't.

They want us to know that behind that "Rock of Gibraltar" exterior emotionally, they hold on to so desperately under their "manly code", they do have hearts, and they do have feelings, and they do feel heartache, and they do feel fear, and they do feel love; and would you please teach me how to show it, express it, and please, Dear God, will you accept me when I do, and will you keep it sacred between us. Men don't have permission to be emotional, according to their code, and without appearing weak, and so many times, when they are, it makes both men and women uncomfortable. Women can, cry, giggle, act silly, anything they choose, and no one gives it a second thought. Men love that part of us.

They want women to accept they are visual creatures, and relish the beauty of your feminine form, and they want women to love their bodies and appearance, and to take excellent care of that. Men fall weak in their knees when we do those extra things, like wearing nail polish, skirts, stockings, high heels. They want you to understand, that because of that fact, it does not mean they look upon you as an object.

They want you to be beautiful on the inside, and to let that light shine brightly out into the world for all to see.

They want women to embrace their sexuality, and without flaunting it (except to that one special one), they want you to let it flow freely through you, with feminine grace and style.

They want you to know, and accept that a man's sexuality is at the heart of his masculinity and self-esteem, just the same as a woman's heart is. It's not an excuse anymore than your emotions are, it's how they are biologically made. However, it is also not an excuse for infidelity.

They want women to genuinely like and appreciate men,
and genuinely like and appreciate being a woman. Truly, if you love being a woman, you can not possibly help loving men.

Go out confidently into the world, fulfilled by who and what you are, and show your femininity, your feminine grace, and be proud to express your creativity, emotions, and nurturing.

Women are the nurturers, and caretakers of life and love, and we should honor that. What more impressive, or important responsibility, and role is there?

What a wondrous gift it is...to be a woman.

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8 Love note(s):

Loving Annie said...

That was beautifully said, and I believe that the good men DO want that !

G8rBryan said...

A very good and insightful points you made. I think with the equality movement, a perception was made that women being femine was a sign of weakness.

Penelope said...

That was very inspiring! I plan to come here to read posts often now.


searchingwithin said...

Hi Annie, thank you for coming by, and thank you.

Hi Bryan, thank you for stopping by, and I believe you are right. It all appears to me to have become a competition, and I find that sad.

Penelope, thank you, I am so glad you liked it. I will look forward to having you stop by more often.

~Best Wishes~

Tips and Tricks blog said...

A great post - I continually feel that it's less simple than I previously thought.

Urology Surgery in India said...

Thanks for sharing post – much appreciated and now following you! Looking forward to your Post....

Dr. Sudhir Srivastava said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

Dr. Vivek Raj said...

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!

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